Internship Opportunity | Lexcare Global Consultants Private Limited

Name of the firm: Lexcare Global Consultants Private Limited

Duration: Two months

Scope of work:

  1. The candidate’s responsibility to review the documents pertaining to the labor law compliances.
  2. The candidate has to facilitate the seniors with the legal research.
  3. The candidates also has to facilitate the seniors on the audits.


  1. Students who are in their fourth or fifth year.
  2. The candidate should have good communication and research skills.
  3. The intern should depict keen interest in learning the compliances.
  4. The candidate should be hardworking, dedicated and responsible toward the task assigned to them during the Internship.


  1. The interns will be provided with the Internship certificates.
  2. The stipend will also be provided to the interns after the evaluation of their performance during the internship tenure.
  3. the interns who will depicts excellence in the task assigned will be provided with the job opportunities

Apply: Interested candidates may apply through the email with their CV and covering letter showing their interest in this internship. After reviewing the CV, the candidates will be informing the dates for the interview.


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