Trainee and Internship Opportunity

Name of the Organisation: Council for Educational Travel, USA


Opportunity No 1 – The host company is a full service, law firm located in Levittown, directly north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and 75 miles south of New York City. They have been in business for over 30 years, have 2 offices and have conducted thousands of cases with a focus on family and criminal law. This is a community law office, which means they tend to be more informal and family-oriented than the more traditional law firms. Their website reflects that philosophy. Their services include divorce, child custody, support, adoption, protecting women in abuse situations, criminal law, bankruptcy, wills, etc. Their attorneys are in court daily and the trainee would assist us in conducting trials many times a week.

Opportunity No 2 – The host company is a full service, law firm located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their vision is to improve the lives of low-income Arkansans by championing equal access to justice for all regardless of economic or social circumstances They assist hundreds of clients every year in priority areas, such as family law, consumer issues, bankruptcy or evictions. The trainee will aid in performing legal services for clients and experience full representation of cases by an attorney, including preparing for litigation, conducting discovery, and representing clients at legal proceedings.

Eligibility: Law students and graduates

Duration: 12-18 months

Start Date: April 2021

To Apply: Opportunity No 1 Opportunity No 2

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