Policy Internship Program

Name of the Program: Road Safety Campaign

Eligibility: All students persuing Law

Job Title: Intern


• Policy Internship is a 2 month opportunity floated for students all across India where they liaise with the local stakeholders and solve a pertinent road-safety issue under the guidance of experts.

• Doing so by collaborating with civic bodies, traffic police, public and other stakeholders to design a solution proposed by the people, getting it implemented by the people representative for the benefit of the people.

Phases of Internship:

PHASE 1: Identification of a location that has problems related to road safety.

PHASE 2: Interview the stakeholders of the locality to further analyze the existing problems. Take possible suggestions for solutions from them.

PHASE 3: You have to do proper case study analysis in order to find out the most feasible solutions to the problem.

PHASE 4: Get your solution implemented by visiting the relevant local authorities.

PHASE 5: Make a report of the implementation of your solution in the location i.e., survey the location for the impacts brought about by your solution suggestions.

Registration and More Information

Deadline: 20th January, 2020

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