[Shortlist] New Recruits – Placement Cell

The below mentioned applicants have been shortlisted to an interview, which is scheduled on 30th September & 1st October.

1st Year Applicants:

  1. Adithya Nayak
  2. Aisiri V Swamy
  3. Anagha Narasimha C N
  4. Athira Nair
  5. Diksha Pherwani
  6. Jigyasa Sinha
  7. Palak Madhogaria
  8. Rakhi R
  9. Sakshi S
  10. Sonali Rajput
  11. Sristi Bubna
  12. Varsha M Ashok

Subsequent Year Applicants:

  1. Anadi Soni
  2. Ankit Anand
  3. Mahesh P S
  4. Milind B Appat
  5. Pankhuri Pallavi

Congratulations to all the above mentioned candidates and good luck at the interviews!

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