[Shortlist] V Ranjith Shankar & Associates – Job & Internship

All candidates who have applied for the opportunity at V Ranjith Shankar & Associates – both Job opportunity and the Internship opportunity are hereby notified that they will have to appear for an interview on the 1st June 2019 at the office of Advocate Shiju Abraham.

The candidates are required to carry a physical copy of the CV along with supporting documents i.e., the certificates of achievements mentioned in the CV.

The candidates shall be categorized into convenient batches, which shall be intimated at a later date.

Candidates for the Job Opportunity:

Akhil Bhusanur
Anamika Pandey
Anjali Rai
Amit Bhatnagar
Jayashree P Sharma
K. Omkar Nath
Pinky Banerjee
Preetham Adlen Oliveira
Preetham S K
Samidha Jain
Sheetal Verma
Sindhu Bhairavi Tekkatte


Candidates for the Internship Opportunity:

Mohit Kumar
Nikhil Vasisht
Prachi Batele
Ritika Kishore
Rushika RS
S. Pranathi
Sakshi Sachan
Sampreetha S
Saurabh Sharma
Sunita Chakraborty
Trupti Krishna

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